Three Essentials for Better Communication in a Marriage!

Three Essentials for Better Communication in a Marriage!
One thing during my 10 years and counting
of being Married, I have found that communication is very important.  Whether you and your spouse have different communications styles which I bet you probably do.
I will be honest with you all when I say this; Early in my marriage we were going down the “One way” lane. I was very dominant when it came to communication. Probably because I talked too much! (My husband would agree) As a matter of fact I talked so much I hardly ever gave my husband a chance to say anything because I would answer for him. Then when I would ask him why he doesn’t talk he would say, “You do all the talking for me so why do I need to say anything?” Want to hear more about this? Get your very own copy of my book, It Takes Two:
This lead us down a dysfunctional path because our communication was broke as a joke! (JK) When your communication is broken this affects the entire marriage because a marriage needs communication to function. You need to talk to each other, you need to have fruitful conversations, you need to voice your needs to one another. Communication is vital! From all of this I have learned……..
Three essentials for better Communication in a Marriage: 
  1. Listen to Comprehend not to compare! So many times when talking we listen for key words so we can find a quick response, instead let your spouse finish talking.
  2. Think before you speak! This one was a hard one for me. For the simple fact that when I had something to say I wanted to say it, no matter how harsh it would be perceived.
  3. Show respect! Remember this is your Husband/Wife that you are talking to. Don’t say anything that you will later regret. No matter how mad you get, no matter if you feel like you are about to blow the roof off the building don’t allow the devil in you! Even though you may be thinking the mean and sometimes cruel things don’t say it!
These are not all of my Key Essentials for better Communication in a Marriage, but it will most definitely help you get on the right track!
I look forward to speaking with you!