The Marriage “Itch”

The Marriage “Itch”

All the Single Ladies! All the Single Ladies!

Hello everyone…!!
This post is geared toward my single women readers! (If you are married please read as well, you can probably relate.) Today I want to talk about “Dating” and “The Marriage Itch”. Marriage is a beautiful thing and if you really want to get married that is fine and well with me. BUT………. Ladies if you ever get the “The Marriage Itch” before you satisfy it make sure you evaluate the situation before you jump into it!

I know that it may “seem” as if all of your friends are getting married, your neighbor got married, your sister or brother got married, and now you want to get married. Calm down and wait on GOD to move on your behalf. Remember the scripture Proverbs 18:22 “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour of the Lord.” The word is letting you know that your husband will find you. Don’t set yourself up and make that your number one priority to find a husband. I know that your biological clock is ticking and you are more than READY! (Believe me I get it!)Trust me on this ladies the Lord will cross your paths and you will know when the right guy you are dating is your husband. The most important thing is that GOD will know and your boyfriend will know. Don’t let desperation kick your bottom and you fall so deep in love with the first guy you meet and say its your husband… (Ladies don’t take that the wrong way because there are some cases where ladies marry the first guy they ever meet and it works out well for them!)


What I am saying is if you want to get married, pray about it and give it to JESUS. Remember the scripture of the day… Believe what you are praying for and you shall receive it. So when you say “Lord I want to get married so I’m placing everything into your hands.” See GOD already knows what you want before you even asked, HE knows your heart desires. But sometimes HE is waiting on you to open up your mouth and let him know. See GOD has a way that is mighty and sweet. You may not be ready to get married, your husband may be on the other side of the country and GOD is implementing a plan for your paths to cross.


So ladies while you are waiting on your husband here are a few tips for dating:

1. Don’t settle for less: Yes give a guy a chance but that doesn’t mean settle.
2.Stop making excuses: If you have been dating for three years and he still has no job, no aspirations stop saying “He’s trying to get a job” “He’s trying to do better” “Everybody deserves a chance” Yes everyone deserves a chance but how many chances do you get and its been three years and haven’t changed a bit.. Its time to move on because you are settling… Don’t lower your standards girlie!
3. Try not to get serious too quick: A lot of times when this happens the woman falls madly in love and gets all her feelings in the way. When you both break up you feel as if its the end of the world! Trust me I have been through that too many times then I can count..  But don’t be gullible!!
4. Take things one day at a time: And don’t get tied down. That’s a big no no GOD can’t use you like HE wants to if you so tied down to a man… So still live life and let JESUS take the wheel….So ladies if you get “The Marriage Itch” send your petition to the Lord and let him bring your husband to you. And while you are dating , make sure the things you do are pleasing to GOD.