“Faithin” it in Your Marriage

“Faithin” it in Your Marriage

Hey Y’all!!

All You Need is a Little Faith!

Have you ever heard of the saying, “All you need is a little faith”? Do you know that this saying is true in any circumstance especially your marriage. Having faith in your marriage helps you remain hopeful. Especially when your marriage experiences some down falls. (And it will, no Marriage is perfect!)

When you have faith in your marriage it means you have faith in your spouse, and that you trust them, which is so so important! ( I couldn’t stress this enough) This means that you know your marriage will withstand the rough patches because you believe in your spouse and you know things will work out. One key foundation that marriage should be built on is Trust.



Faith and Trust go hand in hand so if you are having trust issues in your marriage then your Faith is non existent. Remember that your marriage will never be stronger than your trust in one another. One thing that you can do to rebuild Faith and Trust in your marriage is;

  • Write down some ways you can rebuild trust in your marriage and apply them to your daily life.

There is Help for You!

☝🏽☝🏽 If you find yourself having problems with this I have a solution for you. “The Track”, which is a mentoring program that I offer to women like you who need some help in their marriage. During the duration of the program, we will focus on areas of need. Each program will be tailored to you and include written materials and exercises.