From Slacks to Skirts: Three Skirts That Will Redeem Your Boring Wardrobe

From Slacks to Skirts: Three Skirts That Will Redeem Your Boring Wardrobe

First Things First!

So this is my FIRST official fashion post. And let me say this I am so excited! So lets get started. Since I could remember I loved dressing up. I always tell women that, “When you look good, you feel good”. This statement is true especially when you just know you are rocking it honey cant nobody tell you nothing. You walk up straight with your head held high, strutting your stuff, with pep in your step, and a smile on your face. Yasss honey!!!  Anyways, my job requires me to dress up, well I probably over do it at times but hey that’s just ME!!


I get asked often, where did you get that from, how do you pair things together, and even can you help me shop? I cant be at numerous of places at once but what I can do is give you a taste of my fashion sense through a blog. So….. here it goes…

Three Skirts Fit For The Office!

I see so many women day in and day out who struggle with what to wear to work. They settle for the basic slacks and shirt. I have put together Three looks just for you, especially if you feel like you have been stuck in a rut with your wardrobe.

1.  Mrs. Classy & Sassy!

Every woman should have a black skirt in her closet. Personally I am a sucker for pleated skirts. I love the way they flow and the fit is good for any size or shape. They really make a women feel feminine.  Plus pleats are classic whether its a nice dress or skirt. This skirt is from The Limited (sold out) (Size 6) If you know me, you know I love a good kimono as well. This short black and white kimono(sold out) (size small) is from The Limited as well. I put a nice skinny black belt with it just to add completion and paired these oh so good classic black pumps (Size 7 1/2) from Target. 

Don’t worry, I found a similar black pleated skirt at H&M get it here:  H&M Long Black Pleated Skirt. Get a similar Kimono here:  Amazon: Black & White Kimono 











2. Bold and Beautiful!

So you may think twice about this next look because its very bold. That’s exactly why I like it too! The prints on the shirt (sold out)  (size medium) are gorgeous and the skirt (sold out) (size medium) ummm well just look at it for yourself. I styled it two ways, shirt in and shirt out to show the versatility. You may be surprised but I got the printed shirt and the creamy green skirt from Kmart. Hey!! don’t sleep on Kmart, both pieces are from the Jaclyn Smith line. Get a similar look here: Khols Green Pleated Skirt and JJill Printed Top. I paired this look with some nude strapped heels (size 7) from Target











3. Hot Pink Mama!

This look happens to be one 0f my favorite looks. Take a wild guess why… This bomb hot pink pleated skirt (size small) from Target for the BIG WIN!!! Yesss…!!! The shirt (size medium) says it all too! “Blessed By God, Spoiled By My Husband”.  So here’s the back story to this outfit. I first ordered this shirt from one of my good friends from college. Shes the proud owner of TSG Boutique. When I got the shirt I was trying to figure out what bottoms I was going to pair it with. I wanted to stand out and really make a statement, so black bottoms was out! Then it dawned on me… what about a pink skirt to bring out the pink lettering. Yep that was it, but then I was like where can I get a pink skirt from? Well, Well, Well…. lets give it up for Target!!! Plus it was on sale too! Sooo… I searched high and low and its sold out! But I found a similar one on Amazon. These classic black strapped block heels are still available, get them here. The silver chained belt is from  Catos Fashion (Find a store near you) I found a similar belt at Khols


So Ladies!! You’ve been redeemed. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to dressing up for work, or anywhere for that matter. Don’t think for a second that you have to stick with the boring office slacks look. Switch it up a little bit, add some color and prints. And remember what I told you,When you look good, you feel good!” 



Till Next Time,


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