Fall’n For Maxi Dresses

Fall’n For Maxi Dresses

It’s Fall Right?

So I live in the south, so Fall for us or at least right now the temperature still says 80’s. It can be a struggle for some trying to find something to wear for the “season”. You want to wear the nice jean jackets over your long sleeved shirt, the booties, or even bring out your moto jacket, but then again you don’t want to become a sweat box either. But don’t worry girl I got you!

My Love For Maxi Dresses!

A maxi dress to me is something you can wear year around. Don’t matter if its hot or cold outside, I’m sure you can find a maxi to fit the season. For those of you who maybe saying, “Girl what is a Maxi dress?” Well a Maxi dress is usually a long calf or ankle length dress that can be either sleeveless, or sleeved. You can find some that are form fitting and others that are looser. I love a Maxi dress because its effortless. You just throw it on, put some accessories with it, pair some shoes and you’re good to go! Plus you don’t have to worry about shaving your legs (or even putting on lotion LOL) To share my love for Maxi dresses with you; I styled two of my favorite Maxi dresses that’s fit for Fall.


Laid Back Lady!

So this dress I got for a steal at Target. I was going to look for a dress to wear to church, looked through the clearance rack and BAM there it was for $11. I couldn’t pass it up even though they didn’t have my size (medium), I got a size large. Little known fact about me; If I go into a store and pick something out I really like and they don’t have my (normal) size, I will size up or size down (depending on what it is). So with this dress I sized up and went with a large. I could tell it was too big by the arms but I through a cami underneath so my side boob wouldn’t hang out. LOL

I love this dress because of its versatility. I styled it here in a more laid back way but I also have worn it with some wedgies, a chunky necklace, and a textured cardigan. For the laid back look I paired it with some checkered Vans, get them Here! This is a dress that you can easily slip on and dash out the door but still look put together and stylish. Plus it screams Fall with this bold burgundy color! AND Guess what? They still have some available but in stripes get it Here!  (Side note: Nope I’m not going to Photoshop my stomach. It is what it is!)











Printed Diva!

Now this dress right here…. Makes a bold statement because of the prints. I get the vibe of an Aztec princess or something because the prints are so gorgeous!  When I wear this dress I get noticed for sure and get compliments left and right. This is a longer Maxi dress and hits me right at my ankles, and I got it from Ross (size medium). I would recommend going to your local Ross and grace the aisle to find a similar one. Or you can browse through these here on Amazon. I paired it with a brown wedge heel that I got from Pay-less. Yes!!! I shop at Pay-less. I actually used my husband’s military discount and a coupon from retailmenot and got them for like $13.  I found some look a likes Here! The mustard colored cami is from Catos Fashion, and is a must have in your wardrobe to avoid breast spillage. I will do a blog post later about under garments, so stay tuned!







So do you have a new love for Maxi dresses? They are really versatile and you will have so many to choose from. These are great options for the Fall transitional weather. Maxi dresses won’t let you down so go and get you one, two, three, or more!!!