My Holiday Picks- Cato Fashions Holiday Collection

My Holiday Picks- Cato Fashions Holiday Collection

Paid-partnership with Cato Fashions

So the Christmas/Holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means right? Holiday brunch, dinners, plays, and the epic Christmas parties.  If you’re a busy wife, and mom like me; you probably have been asked to bring something or help out in some kind of way! So finding what to wear for these different events can seem overwhelming and be a little pricey!

To help my fellow, wives and moms; I have teamed up with Cato Fashions to bring you some holiday outfit ideas that are cute, fashionable, and most of all affordable! You will make a statement with these outfits and feel good about yourself too!

Sophisticated Lady

Tip: If you’re afraid to do color, always start with a “pop” of color either with a shirt, skirt, or pants. Not both, one at a time until you’re comfortable!

Black Lace Top: Size Medium, Red Wide Leg ponte pants:  Size Medium

The black laced top just screams sophistication with a feminine touch! I paired it with red wide leg ponte pants to give this outfit a pop of color. It is the holidays right? Why not go with red???!!!!

This outfit is perfect for my ladies who may want to stay on the “safe” side of the spectrum, but still be cute, fashionable, and colorful. If you’re not ready to take that big dive and go all out with a dress and 6 inch heels that’s okay! A nice cute top and sleek pants will always be a go to! 

These sleeves are saying something!

This entire outfit was around $46! You cant beat that! Get the entire outfit here:


While shopping never be afraid to ask the sales associate for help!

Lady In Red!

Red Sweater Dress with bell sleeves: Size Small; Black  Faux Suede Shoes Size 7

“Put on your red dress and slip on them high heels, and put on some of that sweet perfume, it sure smells good on you, slide on your lipstick, and let all your hair down, cause when you get through, I’m gonna show off you… Got me saying my, my, my, my, my, my……..”

Johnny Gill, My,My,My

Is what played in my head as I was putting this dress on. If you don’t feel sexy and confident you will when you put this dress on!

I have had my eye on this dress since Cato Fashions introduced it in their holiday collection. I love sweater dresses, so this one was a must have. For my ladies that want to add a touch of class and sassy to your wardrobe this dress is a staple in your closet. The bell sleeves takes this dress to another dimension. I usually wear a medium but I chose a small for the perfect glove fit that I was going for.

Tip: When you wear a red dress, pair it with a red lipstick too!

Tip: Let your confidence start from the inside out and own that dress girl!

This entire outfit plus shoes were under $65!  Get the entire look here:

Tip: Make sure you wear some type of support under your dress for a seamless look. I have on tights and a cami. Tuck your cami in your tights and pull them up above your waist to create this look too!

So does anyone have a holiday brunch, dinner, or Christmas party you wanna invite me to? I got my outfits picked out and I’m ready to go!