Valentines Day Gifts.. Dos & Dont’s!

Valentines Day Gifts.. Dos & Dont’s!

So….Its almost V-day

So Valentines day is approaching are you getting excited? To be honest with you my perception of Valentines day has changed over the years. At first it was so exciting in elementary school, bringing the candy and cards and exchanging them with your classmates. You were quite positive that you would be getting something. And even in high school they had the carnations for sale with different colors having a specific meaning. Moving on up to college if you were dating, you kind of had an inclination that your boyfriend would be exposing his romantic side. BUT….. When you get married and have children it seems like Valentines Day isn’t the same. Well let me speak for myself. Its like you get so wrapped up into your daily routines that you don’t think of it until like the week before. This leaves you rushing to throw something together, which makes it seem like a task.

Gifts Gone Wrong

I know we can all share stories of getting or receiving the bad gifts on Valentines day. Let me be the first to start, and it was actually a gift that I gave to my husband. My husband is pretty good when it comes to gifts on Valentines Day. He is very experienced when it comes to the Romance department. This happened when we were newlyweds. As I said before I didn’t give Valentines Day any thought until like the day before. (I know that is bad right?) Well I was in Walmart with my mom getting somethings standing in line surrounded by all this Valentine stuff. Teddy bears, hearts, candy, cards you name it.

True Story Below………

Let me say this, I really haven’t felt comfortable with buying my husband a teddy bear, to me that is a woman’s gift. Lets be honest here what is your man going to do with a teddy bear? So as were in the check out line it dawned on me that I didn’t get my husband anything but a card. So I’m looking (all this happened pretty quick), to find something to go with the card. I grabbed  an “As Seen on TV” Push up device. I really don’t know what its called, all I know is that he liked to work out and I had seen it on one of the infomercials. So I thought to myself “Ooo he will love this!” So fast forward to us exchanging gifts and I give my husband his card and then I’m getting excited because I just know he is going to love his gift. He opens it and he didn’t have to say a word because it was written all over his face. If you could go into his mind at that point he was probably saying “Now she know she wrong for this, what is this anyway?”  When you have to explain what something is, you already know its a bad gift. I felt bad but went on the defense real quick thinking to myself at least I got him something.

Months down the road we are discussing another topic and he brings it up that he didn’t like the gift and he don’t know why I bought him that for Valentines Day. Why did it take him months to tell that? You know how it is when your spouse holds something in forever and then all of a sudden just bring it up out the blue? Yep that’s what he did!

Making My Comeback

Me getting my husband a bad gift really put me in a Valentines Day slump and I didn’t get him anything but a card for a while. I was in my feelings and feeling very salty. Yes I was a hot mess back then!!! Once I got out of my slump I started looking at V-day in another perspective. I was really looking forward to it and really getting my husband something that he liked. 

As I said earlier, my husband is very romantic, he really knows how to woo me over, and over again. For me not so much, my romantic skills aren’t as developed as his. But I make it work by getting all dolled up and buying him something that I know he will like. Being that my husband is the romantic type and people seem to think it gets lost once you have kids because of time constraints. I am going to share with you the top three romantic ideas for Valentines Day. As a bonus I will add a family idea as well.

Romantic Ideas for V-day

First and foremost if you do anything, you need to plan ahead. Also if you have children you will need a babysitter. So these ideas are somethings that my husband as done and I really loved it. Ladies if you aren’t creative when it comes to being romantic like me these ideas will help you out. 

  1.  A nice candlelight dinner at your favorite restaurant. Its V-day so Golden Corral or Apple-bees just wont do. Valentines Day kick it up a notch or two and go to Ruth’s Chris or a fine dining Italian restaurant (not Olive Garden).  When dinner is over have some flowers or a special gift delivered to the table. Wrap up the night with a candle lit bath and a relaxing massage at home.
  2.  Purchase a nice outfit for him to wear to dinner and tell him to pack an overnight bag. Have dinner at a nice restaurant (again take it up a notch)! After dinner is over head over to a nice hotel (that you booked already). When he opens the door have a trail of rose petals leading to a special gift on the bed. 
  3. Create a scavenger hunt to a special place. Text or leave clues at each check point. (You can also leave small gifts at each check point) In every clue express your love for him. Where ever the scavenger hunt ends have him meet you there in your best sexy outfit.

Need some fresh ideas when it comes to intimacy and keeping your sex life lit? Download a FREE copy of the “Intimacy Connection” follow link below to download!

Need some fresh ideas when it comes to intimacy and keeping your sex life lit? Download a FREE copy of the “Intimacy Connection” follow link to download! 


If you cant get a babysitter and you still want to do something special. Make reservations at a nice restaurant for the entire family. Purchase gifts of candy and cards for the kids and a special gift for your sweetheart.

Also being that V-day is on Thursday this year,pick a great brunch spot while the kids are at school and enjoy your alone time with your sweetie. Or go out on a couples date night with some of your friends. Were actually doing that this year. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it went too!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure enjoy yourself and take in every moment with your “True Love”. Happy V-day!!!