3 Essentials To A Better Date Night.

3 Essentials To A Better Date Night.

When it comes to this marriage thing, I guess you can call me a “semi pro”, being that I’ve been married for 12 years and counting as I like to say. Over the years I have learned a thing or two, or three about what works and whats needed to make a marriage work. One thing that I know is needed is date night.

Life can get so busy and chaotic at times, with work, school, kids, church, and all the extra things that you have picked up along the way. These things can and will consume you, and during this process date night can be few and far between. I could’t stress enough how important date night is in a marriage. You need that moment without the kids, a moment to rekindle the fire, a moment to enjoy one another, and a moment to have fun!

What does date night look like to you?

Date night can vary from couple to couple depending upon your likes and dislikes. The essentials I will share will be ways to make your date night better. Who can benefit from a better date night? I know you can!

Be Spontaneous!

To be honest some couples don’t know what being spontaneous is. Yep I said it, and here’s why….. So many couples get into their comfort zones, and do the exact same thing over and over and over again! I mean you can do it in your sleep. Go to the same restaurant, on the same day of the week, sit in the same exact seats, and order the same thing off the menu. That’s good in all when you talk about being consistent but to be honest with you honey chile that is straight up BORING!!!!

  1. Plan something out of the ordinary. Try something different. If you are use to going to one particular restaurant, try a different one. Surprise your spouse with a fun outing. Go bowling, go to the movies, go dancing, go play miniature golf. Miniature golf wouldn’t be my first choice because Im not an “avid golfer” but I stepped out of my comfort zone and figured it would be fun to go to Top Golf. And guess what? We had a ball fo sho! We played even though I didn’t know how to, we ate, and just enjoyed ourselves to the fullest!
I really thought I was doing something. LOL

Make It A Couples Date!

When you plan a couples date this gives you an opportunity to mix and mingle with other adults. I use to be a stay at home mom for years and at one time I had little interaction with adults besides my husband. It felt all the way weird when I finally got a chance to have some good adult conversation. It sounds sad but I looked forward to doctor appointments because that was my chance to go out and actually talk to people.

The night we went to Top Golf, it was a couples night. Everyone played, laughed, ate, danced to the music and just had a good time. When you do outings like this with other couples it heightens the fun and makes it a very memorable experience. Plus it gives everybody some adult time away from the kids. Which is a plus in my book!

Do It Often!

If you can, make a true effort to plan a date with your spouse at least twice a month. This will give you both something to look forward to. The quality time that you spend with your husband will rekindle the fires that have been watered down while bringing you closer together. Don’t ever forget the times you spent together, before you got married, and how you use to make time for date night because it gave you something to look forward to. Don’t forget how you enjoyed each others company, and how you use to get butter flies in your stomach when your husband would take you somewhere nice. Don’t forget about the fun you use to have with each other. These are the enjoyable moments you spent together before you were married; don’t stop doing it just because you say “I DO”! You make time for every one else and everything else, why not make time for date night?

Talk to you soon!




  1. May 7, 2019 / 10:07 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. We just celebrated our 15th wedding annivesary but I was just telling my husband that he was boring. Not boring as in dull, but in boring as he always thinks of the same place every time he wants to take me out. I had to tell him surprise me. However, with little ones it can be hard finding that one on time time together as I don’t like leaving her with just anyone, and her big brothers aren’t too responsible. But I suggest going out at least once a month, whether it’s to a dinner or movie or a night of bowling which we recently did. Just do something and get out!

    • Tamron
      May 7, 2019 / 10:28 pm

      Keeping things fun and interesting is so important in a marriage. Thanks for sharing girl cause some wives are scared of telling their husbands the truth! If he’s boring let him know because he probably don’t know!