Spring Break! My Top Three Fun Family Activities Myrtle Beach Style!

Spring Break! My Top Three Fun Family Activities Myrtle Beach Style!

So spring has sprung and the infamous spring break is here. The ultimate question is… “What are we going to do?” or “Where are we going to go?” As a mom of four this can be a task and the cost can add up too! So this leaves the options slim for a family of six if you wanna go out of town. This year my husband and I both agreed that we really needed the time away. My husband is finishing up is Associates in Architecture, and me you know I work two jobs, so I planned an overdue vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC!! Although we were balling on a budget its really the memories that count the most. Right!?

1. Flip Flops Anyone?

While at Broadway at the beach we stumbled across this cool store. Well it was actually Sydney who spotted the store and begged my husband to go in. The store is called The Flip Flop Factory. This was a cool store in which I had never seen before. They actually let you create your own flip flops, from the sole of the shoe, to the straps and embellishments.

The kids were excited when they got the chance take part in the creation of their own flip flops. They each had a hand in choosing each detail, from the colors, to the straps, and the adornments. They had so many options to choose from, so we narrowed it down by letting them choose their favorite colors.

2. Outdoor Fun: Lets Race!

So while we were there the weather was pretty normal for the beginning of spring so the day that the sun was shining bright like a diamond and it was really warm,we decided to do some outdoor fun at the Grand Prix! This is an outdoor and indoor adventure park with so many fun activities for the family. We really went for the go carts. Can you say Vroom Vroom!!!

We drove go carts until our hearts were content. The park wasn’t that busy because we went when they first opened. So there was no wait times for the go carts. They even had a special track for Sydney and she was able to drive by herself.

The park also offers miniature golf ,to be honest golf isn’t my thing. But I have to say I really enjoyed myself. It was some great family fun and we made some fun laughable memories. Caden managed to hit his ball in the water so he was disqualified! LOL My husband ended up wining and I came in second.

3. Under The Sea… Not Literally!

So by the excitement on their faces in the above picture and of course the sign you can see we went to Ripley’s Aquarium! So here’s my transparent moment about the pricing. To me it is a little expensive but I used my husband’s military discount. (Which is something I use all the time!) The tickets for adults are $29.99 per adult (12 & up), $19.99 for children (6-11), children (2-5) $9.99. I can be frugal at times but the experience was well worth it. Plus you only get one spring break per year right?

We actually used this as a learning experience. My kids got a chance to learn about sea life and why its so important to nature. They also got to touch sting rays and crabs… Woohooo!!

As an added bonus we got to experience the new Pearl Harbor Exhibit. Words cannot express what I felt walking through the exhibit. It was like you were experiencing a piece of American history. And to add everything was so life like. One thing that I wanted to point out is that an entire wall was dedicated to the timeline of the actually attack and throughout the exhibit you can hear actually footage of the communications via radio that took place. Even though I wasn’t born then (of course) I felt a whole new different level of respect. My husband being a veteran took it all in too. Such a sweet experience!

So I can honestly say, that this was the best spring break vacation we have taken in a long time. We did some fun family activities, and enjoyed each others company. When we need to get away from the hustle and bustle, and the schedules, our favorite spot is the beach. No matter how many times we may go, we always find something to get into. We really needed this trip, and I believe it did what it was suppose to do. It helped me and my husband unwind, and connected us more as a family! So when you can, plan a family vacation and use that time to explore, have fun, unwind, and most of all, enjoy your family!

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  1. May 7, 2019 / 10:03 pm

    Girlfriend, as a family of six myself, I can truly relate to how expensive it can be to travel with everyone to a single destination. We plan one big trip yearly and little ones where I travel by myself or with my little one, because I just can’t sit still too long in my adopted state or I’d go crazy. Thanks for these tips so I know where to go when or if I ever visit Myrtle Beach, SC. BTW I saw that flip-flop factory in Hawai’i and we briefly stopped in, but Madison wasn’t too interested in making one of her own. Maybe I can get to do it next time.

    • Tamron
      May 7, 2019 / 10:30 pm

      You should definitely try Myrtle Beach! They have so many things to offer! My kids especially my girls was too pumped to make their own flip flops. 🥰