For The Love of Leggings

For The Love of Leggings

This is post is sponsored by Simple Addiction The opinions and views expressed in this post are all mine. All of the clothing and jewelry (expect for watch and shoes) are all items that can be purchased from Simple Addiction.

As many of you may know, I have passion for fashion and putting different pieces together to make versatile outfits. With that said, my husband says that I dress up like 90% of the time. LOL So when I was contacted by Simple Addiction to do a review on their new black solid leggings, I was excited to do a more dress down/athletic look. I wear leggings but never worn any like these.

Smooth Like Butter

First of all when these black solid leggings arrived and I took them out the package, I noticed the softness of them. I mean they are really soft, feels like soft mole skin. When I look for leggings I always do the feel test. Who wants to wear some leggings that’s scratchy rubbing against your legs and booty? I’ll wait for the answer. You want leggings to be comfortable, most of the time they are snug fitting so the texture is very important. I have worn these black solid leggings like three or four times and they feel the same since the first time I wore them!

Size Matters

One thing to remember is that when you are shopping for leggings you want them to be snug fitting. Baggy leggings is a big NO NO in my book. To achieve that snug look I ordered a size small and they fit perfectly. In fact the last time I had them on my husband had to do a double take. He loved them and you know he had to do the rub test to see how they felt. His words were, “Baby those leggings are saying something, they fit you so well!” So if hubby approves you know they are good! When ordering these black solid leggings remember they are true to size, so ordering your regular size or even going down a size will give you the snug feel.

See Through or Nah

Good news! These black solid leggings are not see through. This is one concern that I have with all leggings and is the reason why I usually wear a longer shirt to cover my booty. Its not lady like to walk around and everyone knows what color panties you have on. These black solid leggings are a winner in my book. I must add that they have a thick top band for tummy control. so when you bend over you wont show your you know what. LOL They also have a good length so if your short like me,(5’4) don’t worry about them dragging the floor. I paired these leggings with this pretty pale grey long tunic, which is also from Simple Addiction, along with the necklace as well.

Whether you are looking for some new leggings to workout in, run errands in, or just lay around the house in; these black solid leggings from Simple Addiction are what you have been looking for. Go and get you a pair or two, you and your husband will thank me later.

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