Self Care 101: Teach people how to treat you!

Self Care 101: Teach people how to treat you!

Speaking from a woman’s perspective, we have to make a huge effort in our daily lives just to show that we can be perceived as accomplished individuals in this society that we live in. With that said it is very important for us as women to teach others how to treat us. This is a huge part of self care and should be put to use in our daily lives.

My Truth!

If you know me, you know that I have a joyous personality mixed with a tenacious spirit. I am confident in who I am and the work I produce. Its a little embarrassing to say but I am going to be transparent with ya’ll. Since I’ve became a blogger/influencer, its really brought this matter to the forefront for me. I have recently learned that teaching people how to treat me was something that I had to do. Its not the fact that I wasn’t doing it before. I was just not consistent with it. It was like I picked choose when and when not to utilize it. To be completely honest, I was so hesitant and allowed fear to set in. It was fearing of what people would think of me, if they would look at me as being bossy, demanding, or even uptight. Or even if they thought I would think I was better than them.

And even after thinking about all of that. Another thought pondered in my mind. “Why do you care what others think?” “They don’t dictate nothing in your life!” Like really though? Its like I had an aha moment!!! This is my energy I am protecting and i’m exercising my right to self care! I came up with three ways that will help you teach people how to treat you.

1. Carry Yourself Well

Its all in how you represent yourself. If people see that you take yourself seriously, then they will be more likely to take you seriously. Just like the saying, “Birds of a feather flocked together.” if you are hanging out with people it no morals or standards, do you really think someone is going to think you are any different? Probably not. Also, and its my opinion but you appearance, your approach, and demeanor all matter!! Let me ask you this, will you go to a job interview with your bonnet and house slippers on talking slang? Do you really think they will take you seriously? I always tell ladies that no matter where you are going always look presentable, doesn’t matter if you’re going to the grocery store. You never know who you are going to meet.

2. Know Your Worth!

This is so important and I couldn’t stress this enough. I often say that by knowing your worth you won’t accept nothing less than. This goes for all relationships. Personally, intimate, and business!!! I’ve learned as a blogger/influencer knowing your worth will sometimes cause you to walk away from brand deals and campaigns. And that’s OK! What God has for you is for you! By knowing your worth it lets people know that you won’t just take anything that they throw at you.

3. Set Boundaries!

This is another vital component and one that will take you a long way in life with any relationship for that matter. Setting boundaries allows people to know how far you will go and how far you will let them go. Setting boundaries will stop people from walking all over you. It sets imaginary lines in the sand so people won’t cross them.

Sis keep these points in mind! Also remember that you are important, you are special, and you are worth it! Don’t let anyone or anything tel you different or make you feel bad because you feel that way either.

Until next time!