Three Reasons Why You Should Have A Couples Date-night!

Three Reasons Why You Should Have A Couples Date-night!

Impromptu Boo!

I have been married for 12 years and counting, and being spontaneous about things can be a hard task, especially date night. With kids, work, schedules, and all of the activities in between it can sometimes seem impossible. But sis I am going to tell you right now. Just Do It! For some couples date night is like a thing of the past. Date-night is important and is vital to keeping your connection in your marriage. It was one point in my marriage when date-night was like a holiday, it only happened a couple of times a year. Personally I could really see a change as well in the structure and dynamics of my marriage. I changed it up real quick!

Its Good To Have Good Friends

Good friends are hard to come by. I am going to say that again. Good friends are had to come by! Especially ones that are mature, dependable, and know where they are going in life. Its so important to have friends that you can see eye to eye and are on the same page with. You don’t need ‘friends” that are jealous of what you have. The friendship wont last long and they are your friend for the wrong reason.

So one Friday we planned an impromptu couples date night. My kids were already at my in-loves house, so this was the perfect opportunity for us. Also it was mt last day on my job. We sent out a group text of where we would meet and the time. My friend wanted to ride scooters too! But we will get into that later. LOL I was so pumped like foreal. Felt like I was in college again going out with my girls after a long week of classes. This leads me into my first reason!

Get Out The House!

Just because you are married doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house all the time. Get out and explore your city, see what events they have going on that you and your husband will like. Also getting out of the house will relieve stress and tension. Especially SAHM who are probably are at home more than anyone else and can count the paint lines on the walls. Its good to breathe the fresh air and see different things and experience different things. Such as this scooter ride that my friend suggested. At first I was like, “Girl ride a scooter!?” then I was like you know what it could be fun. We actually didn’t get to ride them that night but we do plan on it in the future. I will keep you posted sis!

Laughter Is Good For The Soul!

I love to laugh. And believe it or not I am one of those people who laugh loud and snort at the end. LOL It feels so good to be around good friends and laugh so much your cheeks go to hurting. That is actually what we did that night. We shared stories of our younger days, funny things that happened while we were dating, and laughed so much you could feel the joy and happiness at the booth.We stayed for hours. Laughter brings forth happiness. When you are laughing and having a good time, you aren’t thinking about a care in the world and that is what its all about. My husband is a comedian he’s the joker of the group, so it makes my heart smile to see him cracking jokes and enjoying himself. He loves to make others laugh, and we are the crew that laughs at all of his jokes. Also what makes me happy is FOOD!

We went to the Midnight diner in downtown (uptown) Charlotte. It was my first time and let me tell you the atmosphere is fun, the music was right, and the food was the bomb. We all got chicken and waffles. That was the best chicken I tasted at a restaurant in a long time okkirt!

Let You Hair Down & Live A Little!

Being a wife and mom and all of my other titles is serious business. Its like we always have our game face on. Especially working mamas. You go to work take care of business, serious business that is, deal with people all day and even the co workers that get on your nerves. Yep I said it!!! Then you gotta come home and take care of business with getting the kids in order and taking them wherever they have to go,plus keeping your marriage in check. The list goes on. Sis! We are always taking care of business! So why not have that special time where you can let your hair down and take your game face off? Like I said before this was just what I needed. I always wanted to go walk uptown Charlotte at night. They have so much going on, so much to see, and the vibe is right. Even if you don’t club which I don’t anymore, you can still enjoy yourself. Just being down there in the midst and looking at all the buildings, holding hands with your husband, and sneaking a kiss in every now and then feels oh so good!

We ended our night at a restaurant. We sat talked again and laughed some more, until we figured out we not spring chickens like we use to be. It was way passed our bedtime. But overall it was such a fun night on the town and I am excited for the next meet up for date night.

Do you ever go on couples date-night? Feel free to leave your comments.