Lets Decorate! Easy & Affordable Fall Home Decor!

Hey Ya’ll Hey!!!

So its fall, and I have a confession to make. I know I always say that summer is my favorite season, well I’m starting to fall in love with Fall and I think its because of the decorations. I love decorating my home for each season. I think right know if you were to walk into my house you would be “Fall Happy” and ready for some sweet potato pie and Thanksgiving. Decorating really allows me to express myself, I want everyone one to feel comfortable and welcome when they come to my home.

Lets Shop Sis!

So lets start with the porch, the porch is the first thing people see. Your porch will either welcome people to your home, or make them turn around and leave. (LOL) This may be me but just by stepping on someone’s porch you can smell the scent of their homes. I know it sounds strange and ya’ll may think I am crazy for saying it, but its the truth.

My Fall decorations do consist of pumpkins, but this year I made it the theme. So yes I have pumpkins everywhere! I was so excited when I found this Lettered pumpkin from “Old Time Pottery” usually its so hard to find decorative pieces with “L” Does everyone’s last name start with an “L”? (LOL) I found these real pumpkins at my local “Lowes” I wanted it to be real inviting, so I lined them up on one side to give it that look.

We already know that the flower of choice are Mums, I got these from my local lowes as well. Lets talk about this awesome garden flag and pumpkin door hanger. They both came from “Old Time Pottery” I really was so excited because they had the “L” door hanger too! Old Tim Pottery is my go to store for home decor. You can pretty much find anything you’re looking for plus more and at a great price too!

Got A Theme Sis?

Its ok if you don’t know anything about decorating. If you know what theme you want to do have your way in the store sis. This cute doormat, I scored for a good price at “Ross” Now out of all the times I have been in Ross, I never thought to go and dive into their home decorations. I went in to look for a dress and made a B line for the Fall decor! To be honest Fall is the easiest to decorate for. Why you may ask? Because the colors are pretty much the same, so no matter what decor you get it will all match perfectly.

When you look at this picture, what comes to mind? Southern country living? Peacefulness? Quality time spent with your husband while you watch the kids play in the yard? Or all of the above?

Yes go ahead and put some mail in this pretty mailbox why don’t you! All of the decorations from Old Time Pottery.

Come On Inside!

When decorating the inside of your home its so easy to over do it. I cringe when I walk in someone’s house and everywhere you turn its seasonally decorated. It starts looking like a flea market. You run out of places ans things are pilled up on one another. Please don’t take this the wrong way, if that’s what you like more power to you. But you don’t wanna over do it sis. The key to decorating your home is for it to look tasteful and inviting. Below are pictures of how I decorated my home.

This is my entry way table where I always have my bible sitting. I found this flower and leaf decor from Ross.

Leave table runner, leave place mats, and fall assortments are all from Ross. Fall center piece from Old Time Pottery.

Fall themed kitchen towels, kitchen mats, and table cover are from Ross. Glitter decorative pumpkins are from Old Time Pottery.

Save The Best For Last!

Decorating is all about letting your creative juices flow. For a long time I have always wanted to do a large hay scene. So this year I made it happen on my side fence. I went to my local farmers stand and got these two bales of hay and the corn stalk for only $20. Thanks to my sons for helping me stack these bad boys. They are much heavier then what they look. Thanks to Walmart for these cute mums in decorative pots and pumpkins.

So that’s all sis. Hope you enjoyed my decorating corner. Do you like to decorate sis? Leave a comment and lets chat!


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  1. October 16, 2019 / 5:37 pm

    All of this has officially gotten me in the fall mood and I’m ready to decorate. Thanks so much for sharing