Christmas With The Littles’

Christmas With The Littles’

Christmas is just six days away and if you are like me you are in a pinch to get everything ready. Cleaning the house, wrapping presents, buying food, or even buying presents. This year I don’t know what it is but it seems like Christmas is approaching fast. If you follow me on social media then you know that I procrastinated and just bought presents THIS WEEK! I know true procrastinator right? Sis I gotta do better next year like foreal!!

Im Grateful…

Sis I am truly grateful to God because it hasn’t always been easy. God has brought me and my husband from a mighty long way. I remember years and years ago when Christmas came around I was really depressed because we didn’t know where the presents would come from. We had just enough money to buy the kids one present a piece that was from us. They had plenty of presents from their grandparents. I felt so sick to my stomach and couldn’t even imagine how my husband felt. This is the first time I have shared this, and it just goes to show how good God is. From that moment on we vowed that will never happened again and spoke an end to lack. I am here to say that was the last Christmas that has happened. As a matter of fact the Christmas after that, we bought the kids so many toys they couldn’t even play with them all. And to put the icing on top we took them to Disney World!!!!

Create Your Own Traditions…

When you get married trust me you feel like you have to please both sides of the family especially on holidays and if you live close to both. Trust me sis, I felt this way for a long time. I remember when we were just a family of three and lived in my hometown of Winston Salem, we would travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas. As our family grew and we moved away, we were still traveling both holidays!! It got to be so exhausting spending most of the day on the road. Let me tell you traveling with little ones is a pain, between the crying spells, changing diapers you name it. Plus each family would feel slighted if we spent more time with the other. (Yes families do that even if they don’t admit it LOL!)

So a couple of years ago we decided to start our own traditions at home. We started with Thanksgiving and then Christmas. We cooked our own dinners and invited our families to come over. If they came good if they didn’t that was alright too. I am so glad we made this choice. I am all about creating stability for my children and why not do it for the holidays? This is the time you create good memories for your children . One new tradition we started this year was wearing matching pajamas. I have been wanting to do it for the longest and just got my husband on board.

Don’t be afraid to start your own traditions. Your kids will thank you later. Have you started any of your own traditions around the holidays?

Can’t end this post without saying………