My Outfit Staples – How I Achieve Versatility In My Wardrobe!

My Outfit Staples – How I Achieve Versatility In My Wardrobe!

So first things first I love clothes, shoes, accessories you name it. My thing is when you look good you feel good. This phrase is sooo true trust me on this one. I get compliments all the time on my outfits, and get questioned as to where I shop at and how I put my outfits together. To be honest its one of my passions, I can put an outfit together in my head in five minutes. One thing about it that I am going to go over in this blog post is versatility pieces. If you don’t know by now I have my own style and love that I can confidently wear my clothes and express myself. So what are we waiting for lets get into it.

Here are some tips and pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe to get some versatility out of it.

Pleated Skirts Are My Jam!

I have a plethora of pleated skirts. They are a classic piece that every woman needs in her closet. Its something about how a pleated skirt flows as you walk. I have all different colors and love each and every one of them especially my black one.

I like to mix different shirt types with my skirts as well so you may see me with a dressy type shirt or a plain tee. It doesn’t matter if you mix styles as long as you wear it with confidence sis.

This Is The Remix!

Switch it up remix your wardrobe. I know you may be saying well Tamron how am I going to remix my wardrobe. I don’t know about you but I will wear a shorter dress as a shirt in a min okkirrt! And I will throw some leggings under a dress so I can wear it in more than one season. Also I will tuck a shirt in and belt it honey. It changes the look of your outfit.

Take a look at some of my remix pieces.

Blazers Are Your Friend!

Any blazer, jacket, vest, or cardigan are your friends. They are key staples to showing versatility and adding a little something something to your wardrobe. I love pairing blazers, vest, and jackets with pants, skirts, and dresses. Take a look!

Be Confident!

Remember that confidence is key. Doesn’t matter what size you are, and what you have on. If you’re comfortable with yourself and confident with what you have on, it will exude from the inside out and you will develop your own style. So the next time you are out shopping use this post as your guide and don’t be scared to add color too! Be confident, Be stylish, Be you sis!

Until Next Time…….