Lets Get Moving! Three Easy Ways You Can Get Fit.

Lets Get Moving! Three Easy Ways You Can Get Fit.

So before we get started I wanted to bust all the myths that say smaller or average size people are in shape. Let me tell you something sis, its all a LIE! When people see me they may perceive me to be an active and in shape lady. Looks can be sooo deceiving! Usually when I wear my legs out I get so many people complimenting me on my legs, preferably my calves, because I guess to them they look really athletic. But sis I am the first to say I am out of shape!! Well I was out of shape until I figured out how to incorporate exercising into my busy schedule.

If you didn’t know, I am a mother of four children and I just had surgery in May of 2019. To be honest I have really never been an exercise guru and feel some type of way when I step foot in a gym. A couple of months ago I got the opportunity to try Cycle Bar, which is pretty much a hype spin class with upbeat music in a fun setting.

Sis when I tell you it was an experience to remember it was. First of all I thought I was doing something when it was time to peddle standing up, I was doing good until the instructor increased the speed. I don’t know what happened, all I know is that my right leg gave out and twisted some type of way and the bike lend over! If the bike went over any further then I would have hit the lady beside me. Good thing it was dark in their and no one saw me, at least I don’t think they did! Oooochile! That’s not all, I couldn’t keep up and really felt like quitting. But that’t not my style sis. I stayed and peddled at my own pace. When the class was over I couldn’t get the shoe to unlock from the peddle so I walked out with no shoes on. I haven’t been back since… Go ahead and get your laugh out, I had to laugh in order not to cry about my experience. LOL!!!

So with that said, I decided that I would come up with some easy ways that I could still get fit and incorporate exercising in my busy schedule. Not everyone has time to go to cycle bar, or even the gym. These examples will all be in the comforts of your own home or around your neighborhood.

Lets Dance!

I don’t know about you but I love to dance. In my younger years I was apart of a majorette dance group and in my clubbing days the dance floor was my main squeeze. Dancing is a form of exercise that gets your body moving in the right direction. With different dance routines you will be moving muscles and body parts that you didn’t know you had! So I have been doing Zumba in the mornings in the comforts of my bedroom. I went and looked up some (easy) Zumba dance videos on Youtube and jumped right in.

One important thing to remember is to start slow sis don’t go and do a hard routine that’s going to have you laid out in thirty seconds! The one I chose was basic dance moves but still allowed me to get a good work out in. Also in the theme of starting slow only do 15 mins at a time.

Maybe 15mins in the morning and 15mins at night to get your 30mins of exercise in per day. Remember that if you are not active its going to take awhile to build your stamina and strength up. Trust me when you start its going to be a struggle to get to 15mins. When you do find the dance you like keep repeating it until the 15mins is up. As you get use to it then you can go to other dance routines. The first week only do 15mins at a time the following week increase either by 5, 10, or 15mins. Go at your own pace!

Yoga Anyone?

The first time I tried Yoga, it was a hot mess. But I decided to try it again and the experience was so much better. Yoga is a great work out in that it helps you with your breathing, flexibility, and its a stress reliever as well. One thing about this get fir journey is that you need to change your perception about working out. If all you think of is negative things, replace it with positive. Go into this thing with a positive outlook and mindset. So getting back to Yoga, I’ve found that I get the best results at night before bed being that its so relaxing. I slept like a baby that night!

We actually did Yoga as a family and everyone loved it, besides Sydney she kept asking is it over yet. LOL! We did a full thirty mins of yoga as a family. We actually followed along on the Nike app that my husband has for workouts. I’m pretty sure you can find the Nike workout app and download it on your phone. Getting the family involved is a great thing, your kids become your accountability partners because they never forget, and they will remind you to workout. Also when your husband sees you working out he will want to join in as well.

Walk It Out!

Walking is always a great way to get fit. As a busy mom it can be hard to find the time to go to the gym but not to go for a brisk walk in your neighborhood or even at work on your lunch break. I always enjoyed walking and have really being intentional about it. Just pop in your earphones put on some good music and walk it out sis. You can walk at whatever pace you like and also take some five pound weights with you to strengthen your arms as well.

Get the whole entire family involved and go on a walk together after dinner. This will give you guys a chance to do something as a family and get everyone up and moving instead of sitting on the couch watching tv or playing video games after dinner. Just see it as you setting a great example for your kids to abide by. If you have stairs in your house you can even walk up and down your steps in your home and still get your walk on.

Lets Talk About Sex!

I had to add this bonus one on. Believe it or not sex can be a form of exercising. Just think about it after sex don’t you sweat, and get out of breath? I’m sure your husband would love this too! So sis if your sex life is dull and you only have “relations” every once in a blue moon, make an effort to have more. This will relight the fire in your marriage as well as build your stamina and you will be able to go longer each time. I know some of you may be like girl what you talking about? But it’s the truth and you will thank me later sis.

If you want to start your get fit journey and need a little push or some encouragement. Follow me on IG @ Tamron_Little and join me and the #getfitcrew!

Lets go! Lets get fit sis!


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