8 Ways To A Better Night’s Sleep!

8 Ways To A Better Night’s Sleep!

Sleep! Whats that you might say? I will be the first to say that once you have children your sleep pattern will definitely change. It’s just pretty much the way life goes. As a busy mom, wife, influencer, and everything else I do sometimes sleep gets put on the back burner. I can remember when I worked at the hospital working 12-13 hour days and having to get up at 3:30am. Yes you read it right, 3:30am, and I did that for four years. I made sure I slept when I could because it felt as if I wasn’t getting enough. Getting up so early I wouldn’t sleep long because I would be anticipating getting up at 3:30am.

Sleep is so important and its something that your body and mind needs. Sleep allows your body and mind to rest and to regenerate. As mothers we need rest and we need to be rejuvenated daily. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so its a must that we refuel ourselves and this starts with getting good sleep. You can sleep and not get any rest, yep its true. So its vital that when you do sleep you allow for your mind and body to rest like it should.

Sis, I have came up with a list that will help you sleep better at night. Here we go……

1.Don’t Eat Too Late!

I have had a problem with this for a long time. I get cravings at night, either sweet or crunchy or even both. My cravings usually win because I give into the temptation and end up having some type of sweet cake and chips. Still have that snack but don’t eat it so late. I did some research as to what time you should’t eat after and found that between 7:30pm-8pm are good times. This is because you don’t want to lay down right after you eat. You need to give your stomach time to digest the food. It can also cause stomach aches, indigestion, heartburn, and nightmares (LOL)

2.Journal Before Bed!

Writing in your journal can help you out in so many ways. I would recommend having a journal on your nightstand. When you journal, write down your thoughts, your concerns, whatever is on your mind. Its a stress reliever and will help your mind rest. Stay tuned I will be writing a blog post all about this.

3.Pray & Meditate!

Prayer works, and can go wherever we can’t. Praying before bed is important, you’re releasing all your cares and shifting your load. Think of it as your moment and time to talk to God, while praying for yourself and your family/friends.

4. Take Hot Bath!

Taking a nice hot relaxing bath is a mommy must. I mean make the time in your schedule to soak in the tub. When I take a bath I utilize this as my self care time and relax while allowing my mind to enter peace. My go to bath essentials is the Dr.Teals Epsom Salt foaming bath and the actual Dr. Teals Epsom Salt. Let me tell you this stuff makes so many bubbles and the lavender scent is so relaxing. Sis soak in this and you will sleep like a baby. Epsom salt has so many special benefits as well

5. Make Sure Your Bed and Room Are Comfortable!

Making sure that your room temp is comfortable is a must when you are trying to get some good old sleep. If you hot and sweaty all night chances are you aren’t going to sleep well. Same thing goes for if you’re freezing all night. Whatever is the comfortable temp for you then go with that. Also your bed has a lot to do with how well you sleep. Its important that you have a good mattress and some nice feeling sheets. I just love stretching out on my bed and rubbing my legs across the sheets it feels so good.

6. Turn Your TV Off!

No need to explain. But if you have your television on all night sis you not getting your proper rest. To top if off you’re probably going to be dreaming about whatever is on the tv too. LOL!

7. Stretch!

Stretching is important. It allows you to flex your muscles while keeping them strong and healthy. Have you ever caught a charlie horse in bed? Man listen that thing hurts so bad!! Stretching will help prevent this and by keeping your muscles from being tight and stiff. It also increases circulation of the blood and various parts of the body which is vital when you are sleep.

8. Listen To White Noise!

Listening to white noise or something soothing has been proven to help you fall asleep. If you are one who tosses and turns a thousand times before you can fall asleep then this is a must for you. White noise will allow you to relax and fall fast asleep. When I was dealing with anxiety it was so hard for me to fall asleep. It would take me an hour or even longer to go to sleep. I found the app Calm, which gives you different white noises and soothing music to listen to that will help you get to sleep fast. You can choose which noise you want and the time duration so you don’t have to worry about turning it off. Before you know it you will be sleep fast. No medicine needed.

I hoped that this helped you! Please try these tips I went over and please let me know your results. Cheers to a better night’s sleep sis!