Four Easy Tips To Decorate your home for fall!

Four Easy Tips To Decorate your home for fall!

Listen I know some of you don’t know where to start when it comes to decorating your home for the seasons. And I know going in the stores can sometimes be overwhelming and you just wanna buy everything. Sis let me help you with these five tips that will make your decorating easy and fun!

What’s Your Game Plan?

Every year I think about what theme I want to portray on my porch. To me fall is really easy to decorate for. Some may choose to decorate for Halloween but I don’t get into all of that. Anyways think about the theme you want and the look your going for. Once you pick a theme it will be easier for you while you’re shopping because you will know what decor to look for. Instead of picking a hodge podge of things. (Unless that’s the look your going for) This year I wanted a pumpkin southern theme. So when I went shopping I knew that I wanted to get things that had pumpkins on it. This also helps you not to spend too much money!

Create A Budget!

Ok this is where I have had a hard time with in the past. Last year I spent too much money. And my husband was like why are you spending all that money for seasonal decorations? He was hot with me y’all! LOL! But I do see what he meant though. So this year I was actually given a gift card for $100 from one of my favorite stores Old Time Pottery! Talk about a win win! Aye!! So with the $100 I bought my porch decor and still came in under budget. I was too pumped! Check out below decor and scenes from my shopping trip.

Choose A Store & Stick to It!

I think one of the reasons why I spent so much money last year is because I went to like four different stores. Oooo chile you know what that means right? I got a whole lot of stuff! LOL!! Plus I was exhausted by the time I got home! When you stick with one store which my store choice was Old Time Pottery it saves you time and money. And if you have kids going in and out of several stores is a recipe for cranky kids. My girls tagged along with me as I shopped and we didn’t stay in the store long and I got everything I needed and came for.

Mailbox decor

Have Fun!

Decorating is suppose to be fun! Even when you think you don’t know what you’re doing. Let your creative juices flow and have fun! I think for me decorating is sort of like a stress reliever. I’m able to create the looks in my head and bring them to life. I have fun putting different things together and watching it all unfold right before my eyes. Afterwards it’s so rewarding because it be so cute y’all! I be like I did that! Aye!! So go into like you about to create a master piece and I promise you will get better at it each time!

Porch sign

So it’s not too late if you haven’t decorated yet. Go and make your house festive sis! Have fun! Until next time love you mean it!