ALDI Shopping Haul! Snack Edition

I know I am not the only mom who finds herself in the grocery store buying more food, and especially snacks,since the kids been home all day with this virtual school! This is a paid partnership with ALDI opinions are mine.

Being a working mom of four given the times that weare in now with the pandemic going on. Things can get a little hectic. My kids are all in virtual school and my 13- year -old is helping with the kids more and babysitting while my husband and I work. Luckily, I’vebeen blessed to work remotely three days a week, but for the days I’m at the office, Caleb’s in charge! 

Grocery Shopping the Other Chore

We usually go grocery shopping every week. When the kids are home all the time it’s like they eat up everything in sight. So, I shop for breakfast foods, easy microwave meals that Caleb can pop in the microwave, lots of snacks, fruits, noodles, juices, and ingredients to make sandwiches with. I also try to think about a meal or two I will cook and get the ingredients for that as well.

My husband and I have set a budget of about $500 monthly for food and this includes eating out too. So, Itry my best to stick to the budget with staying under $100 for the week. ALDI really helps me stay on budget which my husband loves!

For this shopping trip at ALDI, I decided to make this a snack haul. Like I said before, when shopping for items I look for healthy foods that my kids like, and that are an affordable price too! ALDI offers a variety of options within the snack foods to choose from at great prices. Before going in the store, I like to create a list, this helps me to remember everything they need and not to get more than what I came for! We’ve all fallen victim to that right! LOL 

A little fun fact!

Did you know that ALDI was the first ever grocery store to offer all their ALDI-exclusive products free of certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) and added MSG?

Snack List for Kids

• Chewy granola bar (chocolate chip)

• Crackers

• Chips

• Apple sauce

• String cheese

• Fruit squeezes

• Popcorn

 • Coconut cashew crisps

• Apple juice

• Juice boxes

• Apples

• Grapes

• Strawberries

When choosing a snack list for kids it’s important to remember four things. 
1. Get something your kids enjoy eating.

2. Allow them to try new foods- I know it can be easier for all of us just buying the same old foods. But how will the kids know what they like if they don’t try new foods.

3. Look at the ingredients – you want to make sure that you’re familiar with what your kids are eating. As moms, we know that some foods can be made with some harsh ingredients that our kids could be allergic to. So read the labels and do your research if you need more information. The ALDI-exclusive Simply Nature brand offers all organic and Non-GMO verified products at a great price, so you know you can trust you are feeding your kids the best!

4. Price point- As a mom of four I’m balling on a budget, so I want to be able to get the best bang for my buck. Especially with how fast my kids eat their snacks. 

My Haul

This is what I ended up getting to follow the above advice. And by the way they are all ALDI- exclusivebrand items. Talk about a major mom win!

• Simply Nature12 pack fruit squeezes

 • Simply Nature 100 % juice boxes

 • Simply Nature Organic Chewy Bars chocolate chip

 • Red seedless grapes

• Carton of strawberries

 • Simply Nature Butternut squash crackers

 • Simply Nature Organic fruit snacks 

• liveGfree Gluten free soft baked cookies

 • Simply Nature Coconut cashew crisps

 • Simply Nature Unsweetened apple sauce

 • Simply Nature Organic string cheese

That’s a wrap

This shopping trip was stress free, on budget and I know my kids will be happy with the delicious snacks! From seasonal favorites and weekly staples to ALDI Finds, ALDI has your shopping game covered. Things may look different this year, but ALDI is here to help customers like you and me feel safe, whether shopping in-store, or online for delivery or pickup, all without sacrificing cost.

Go to to find your local ALDI and get these snack foods for your kids! You can thank me later sis!