Faith & Family

So for those of you that don’t know, I’m not only a wife but, I am also a mother to four beautiful and blessed kids. God saw it fit to bless me with two boys, (Caleb and Caden) and two girls, (Savannah and Sydney).

For some reason it really shocks people when they find out I have four children….

I call my oldest son my blessing and life saver. Because if I wouldn’t have had him at the tender age of 21, I wouldn’t have known I had cancer until it was too late! My other three babies I call them miracles! Because after I went through two surgeries and a high dosage radiation therapy the doctor told me in his own words, “Be Happy with the one child you have, because you can’t have anymore!”But God had other plans and blessed me with three more blessings post cancer! So I’m grateful for my children all four of them and I’m grateful for my husband! We are the Littles”!

To add to my many hats, I am also an ordained Minister with the NACIJC INC. I love God, you don’t love God? Whats wrong with you!!!?? So I believe that one of my God given purposes is to use my testimony to encourage and inspire women just like you with the bases of God’s word.

So I encourage you to read my blog post and be inspired by my testimonies. (One being I am a cancer survivor.. but you gotta read all about it here 

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