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Budget Friendly Tie Dye Party

With the move and Sydney’s birthday landing right on the Memorial holiday it kind of snuck up on me. Well to be honest I thought we were going to my inloves house but we didnt. So I was really trying to figure out what to do for Sydney’s birthday.

Being new to the neighborhood we dont know alot of people and I waited too late to send invitations to Sydney’s class. So I really didnt know what we were gonna do until the day before and I felt kind of guilty espesially comparing to parties she has had in the past. To make a long story short we decided on a Tie Dye party! And oh boy did we all have fun!!!!

Let The Fun Begin!

Can I be honest, I didnt know what I was doing but thats what makes it fun right? I found the entire tie dye kits at Walmart as well as the t-shirts which were all affordable. The kit came with everything you needed, the dye, rubber bands, table cover, gloves, and dont forget the instructions. The only thing you really had to do to prepare is to prewash the shirts and add water to the dye bottles.

I didnt know how much we would need so I bought one box tie dye kit that was about $21. Find it here

And I also bought two large packs of dye, it was $13 a piece. Get it here

As far as the tshirts they were conviently located on the same shelf as the tie dye kits. The shirts range from $3-$5. Get them here.

So including the cake, decorations, and the tie dye supplies I paid about $100. The cake is another story because I got a discount due to it not being ready when I went to pick it up. Win! Win! in my book comapred to other parties being well over $500!

Take a look at my kids in action!

Creative Juices Flowing

One thing that I found out is that all of my kids are very creative. It was amazing watching them come up with their own individual creations. The boys ended up making more than one tshirt. I had to get on in the action too. We really had fun making these tshirts while listening to kids bop tunes!

Let’s Eat Cake!

You cant have a party without cake!!!! Of course Sydney picked out a princess cake that we got from publix. The cake came with a princess tiara and the scepter! It was a huge cake with cupcakes as well. Its Thursday and were still have cake left!!! LOL

Life Lesson

One thing that I learned Monday is that some times less is more. You dont need a house full of people just to have a birthday party. Question! Is it the children who want these fabulous birthday parties or is it the parents? All of my kids combined have had parties that were so much money and left me drained! Sydney was so happy and overjoyed Monday it made my heart smile. Being a mom of four my kids now I know they can and will create their own party. They are the party!!!

What’s your take on kids birthday parties? Are you about making memories or spending the money? Lets talk about it!


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