Gma’s Oxtail Stew

I was blessed to be raised by a southern Gma! Watching her cook is where my love for cooking came from. I haven’t seen my Gma for a couple of months so I decided to cook one of my favorite dishes that I loved for her to make! Gma”s oxtail stew. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Ingredients Needed

3 packs of oxtails (depending on how many people you’re feeding)

3 cans of diced tomatoes 

2 cups of rice

2 bags of frozen okra

1 bag of frozen corn

Half to 1 whole onion chopped 

1 box of beef broth (32oz)



Seasoning salt

Garlic & herb seasoning 

1 tablespoon of oil 

Let’s Cook!

(For insta pot)

Turn insta pot on sauté mode 

Add oil to insta pot 

Cut onion into small pieces and add into insta pot. Sauté until translucent.

(If you’re cooking on the stove use a large pot and sauté onions in the pot on the stove)

Wash oxtails and pat dry with paper towel. Add to a bowel and add your seasonings of choice. (Optional) Sear oxtails and each sides. Add both boxes of beef broth to insta pot to deglaze pan. Then add oxtails into the insta pot.

Add both bags of okra to the pot with the oxtails and onions. Place lid on insta pot and turn on pressure high mode for 45 mins. 

(If you’re cooking on stove you can simmer the oxtails on medium for about 1 hour and a half. Or until tender. Then add the corn and tomatoes towards the end of the cooking time. 

On the stove boil 2 cups of rice. Use instructions on the rice bag.

Once the oxtails are done in the insta pot allow it to release for about 20 mins. After it’s released open lid and add corn and tomatoes and cook for about 10-15 mins. Make sure you add a small damp towel over pressure cooker it could release a lot of access water.

Add the rice and oxtail stew to your bowl of choice and you’re done! Enjoy! 

Until next time,

Love ya mean it!


Wife, Mother, Minister, and Published Author. Millennial southern living vibe giving inspiration to women like you and sharing my passion for fashion!

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