Marriage (It Takes Two)

Marriage is so important to me. Its one of those things that I really wish I knew more about before I took that big leap. Buts that is what life is about. Making mistakes, learning from them, growing from them, and in turn helping others to avoid those mistakes.

I have been married to my husband Samuel, 12 years and counting. And one thing that I have learned that will stand the test of time is that with God at the forefront, “It Takes Two To Make A Marriage Go Right!”  

I was so serious about sharing my wisdom, knowledge, and past mistakes that I wrote a book about it. “It Takes Two” Obtaining a Good Marriage in a Bad World, is my must have if you are married, single, or engaged. In this book I really dig deep and tell you things that no one else has probably told you about marriage!! One thing is for sure, I am very transparent in this book and leave no stones un-turned. Get your digital copy sent right to your phone or tablet by clicking this link:

Make sure you get your copy and read more about marriage in relationships in my current blog posts!

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