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At the age of 21, Tamron was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Faced with a poor prognosis and being a new mother, she knew there was more to her life than a cancer diagnosis.


Tamron has made it clear that she's not only a cancer survivor, but she's thriving even after cancer! After seeking a second opinion she went through successful treatments and is now cancer free 16 years and counting. Known as the miracle patient to her oncologist Tamron is proving to everyone that miracles still happen, and she has good health and four children to prove it.


Little has embraced her role as a leader in the community, helping other mesothelioma survivors and their families by taking part in informational webinars for The Mesothelioma Center, to spread hope and inspiration. Tamron has been featured as a key speaker at health forums such as the Cancer Moonshot Forum at the White House, Conversations on Cancer with the FDA Oncology Center of Excellence, and Survivorship Today with Bristol Myers Squibb. She continues to raise cancer awareness within her community and all over the world, with hopes of promoting patient advocacy and positive change within the cancer community.

I hope to share my story to inspire others and give them hope when all hope is lost. I stand as a survivor, a thriver, and an advocate!

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